Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Release Day Blitz & REVIEW - Circle in the Sand by Lia Fairchild

 Title: Circle in the Sand
Author: Lia Fairchild
Release Date:  January 7, 2014 

Four life-long friends bound by two decades of laughter, love, promises, and secrets. Once inseparable, the four grow into independent adults pursuing very different paths.

Sage, raised by career-driven parents, follows a carefully laid out future of success that leaves her wondering what she’s missed out on.

Emily, the college drop-out, now has three children that have become her whole life. She's slowly lost herself, subconsciously seeking dangerous ways to cope. Can she find herself in time?

Jax always lived on the edge, skating through life with no apparent ambition, yet remained the energy and emotional cement of the group. She longs for her friends to accept her without trying to fix her.

Ned, Emily’s twin brother, yearns to stand up and be counted. But his old loyalties and new feelings for one of the girls has him pulled in different directions.

Will the ties that held them together as kids be strong enough for them as adults? These four friends will discover the true meaning of friendship and unveil truths about themselves they never knew existed.

Circle in the Sand is an adorable story where childhood friends grow into adults and the struggles that they all face in their own lives while trying to remain the closest best friends. Emily, Jax, and Sage were inseparable, promising themselves as kids to always be together. 20 years later they try to remain connected even though life has pulled them all in different directions. 

          Jax always goes out of her way to help those less fortunate, chairties, helping the poor, even taking in college students and their ex-con brothers. Yet, she feels as though something is missing. Always looking for a sign, always trying to find her place in the world. 

          Emily, a mom of three, struggles with extreme anxiety. She keeps everything hidden from friends and family too embarrassed to appear 'weak'. No one can know her fears, her pain, or even her unhealthy coping mechanism.

          Sage grew up being taught to work hard and save her money. She's always felt that something was missing, a family of her own.. Her biological clock is ticking, and it's ticking loudly! Never really close to her family, she is shocked to find out that her grandmothers dying wish is for her to liquidate her savings and donate it all to charities that mean the most to Sage. 

          The three are faced with their own struggles, all while trying to be there for each other. 20 years of friendship makes them all more like sisters. I really enjoyed reading the strengths they all gave each other. Can they all be honest with each other and help fight the struggles together, or will they slowly drift apart, as most childhood friends do?

          The emotions that Lia Fairchild lay out of the page for each character was absolutely fabulous. Although there were a few times that I would get confused on which character was which, as each chapter is written in another's POV, I did enjoy reading their story and loved watching each of their lives unfold on the page. 

I've been creating stories my whole life, but only for me, in my own head. Then one day I sat down and started to write a book. I completed my first novel, In Search of Lucy, in February of 2011. Seven months later, AmazonEncore contacted me about representing my book. It’s currently in the top 10 for Kindle Drama.

My second full-length novel, Vigil Annie, was released on Amazon in December of 2012! One reviewer called this thriller “suspenseful, well-crafted, and fast paced.”

I recently completed my first romantic comedy, The Tech Guy, now available on Amazon.

My other works include a mystery series (A Hint of Murder) and a short, sweet romance (Special Delivery).

I was born and raised in Southern California and hold a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a multiple subject teaching credential. I’m a wife and mother of two teenagers.

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