Saturday, January 25, 2014

PSA from Jenn at Swooning Over Books

All too often I hear of authors being harassed and bullied by individuals who find their strength from hiding behind a screen name.  It is disgraceful and cowardly.  As a blogger, reviewer and avid reader, of course, I have come across stories I didn't like.  Some have failed to meet my expectations.  Others lacked a certain "something".  In each instance, there is always something good within the pages if you look for it.  Regardless, while it is my job to provide an honest review, it is not my place to belittle the author or ferociously rip their hard work to shreds.

Jess and I try to present our opinions openly, honestly, but with with grace.  We strongly believe that just because a book wasn't for us doesn't mean there isn't someone out there that will fall in love with it.  Everything in this world is subjective to your views and circumstance.  No two people will ever look at something the same way.  

To those individuals who insist on degrading those who had the courage to share their story, if you think you can do better let's see it.  Your quick to judge others than let's see how you will react to being on the other side.  If not, than kindly sit down and hush.

To every author out there who has been brave enough to share their story with the world this song is for you.

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