Saturday, November 2, 2013

REVIEW: White Trash Damaged by: Teresa Mummert

Rocker Tucker White saved down-and-out waitress Cass Daniels from everyone in her life who was hurting her—except herself. In the much-anticipated follow-up to White Trash Beautiful, Teresa Mummert’s New York Times and USA Today bestseller, Tucker and Cass are finally together, but does that mean they get their happy ending? 

Living on a tour bus with your boyfriend’s rock band is nothing like living in a trailer with your drug-addicted mother—except for the drama. After all the pain and grief that marked the beginning of Cass and Tucker’s relationship, they’re finally building a life together—just the two of them, his three bandmates, some groupies, and thousands of screaming fans. And not everyone is as happy about the couple’s reunion as they are. 

The last thing Cass wants to do is create friction within the band—especially when Damaged is on the brink of achieving the success Tucker has worked so hard for. She’s thrilled to finally be with a man who loves and protects her as much as he does. But how can she carve out a place for herself in this new rock star world . . . without being swallowed by the shadow of Tucker’s fame?

     When we left Cass and Tucker at the end of White Trash Beautiful they had just experienced the unthinkable.  Unable to face Tucker after all that had happened Cass ran, leaving Tucker behind brokenhearted.  Shaken buy undeterred Tucker searches for Cass and finally finds her.
     Determined to never let her out of his sight again, Tucker invites Cass to go on tour with him and this band.  After weeks apart Tucker knows he needs Cass by his side and there is no where else Cass would like to be.  Life on the road, crammed on a tour boss with the rest of the band, proves to be trying.  They should be spending time mending and growing as a couple, but that is difficult while under the watchful eye of the rest of the group.  Add the bands new manager, Donna, who believe wives and girlfriends are a distraction the guys do not need and it is virtually impossible for Tucker and Cass to put back together the pieces of their relationship.
     Despite promising never to run again, Cass cannot extinguish the panic in the pit of her stomach.  That voice in the back of her head that is screaming to take off and never look back.  Is Tucker and Cass's relationship strong enough to survive the scrutiny of their now public lives?
     I fell in love with both Cass and Tucker when I read White Trash Beautiful earlier this year.  Tucker was like a knight in shining armor and Cass desperately deserved a happily ever after.  My heart broke for both of them and I could not wait for next portion of their story to be released.  I was not disappointed.  This novel was everything I had hoped for and everything I needed.  The author answered all of my unanswered questions and ties up any loose ends that were left dangling out there.
     Now, I know there is a third book planned for this series and that it will be more on Sara life, but I have to say, I would absolutely love to learn more about Donna.  There is something going on there.  Something mysterious.  There is a reason she acts the way she does and I would really like to know what it is.  So, Ms. Mummert, if you are listening, please, please, please tell Donna's story!
     If you haven't had the opportunity to meet Tucker and Cass I hope you will take the time to read their story.  

Happy reading!!

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  1. Donna plays a HUGE role in book 3. ;) Thanks for reading!