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REVIEW: My Brother, My Rival Book 2 by Eve Rabi

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MY BROTHER, MY RIVAL is a sexy, two-part, modern-day love story that will have you laughing, crying and gasping with disbelief as the story unfolds.
Book one must be read before book 2
Warning: sex scenes, violence and coarse language

Years ago, Cody Garrett’s heart was ripped to shreds when Bridie ditched him and married his brother, Scott.
With great difficulty, he moved on and rebuilt his life without her, severing all ties with his brother because of their betrayal.
Now, Scott, his brother, is ill and a threat to his wife and children.
Cody is forced to step in and move them into his house.
Being physically so close to Bridie, and spending time alone with her, brings back a flood of memories, and he finds it a daily struggle to contain his feelings for his brother’s wife.

To Bridie, who likes to put things (and people) in perspective, Cody Garrett was filed under ‘Cheat’ and she too moved on with her life.
But while living with him, she stumbles upon secrets involving Cody and her, that changes everything.
Now, she must fight her feeling for Cody and remain true to her marriage.


But my rage, my anger towards Stephanie was the least of my worries.
A different set of fantasies proved even more troubling.
Me and him. Me and him sleeping together.
Wait! Allow me to rephrase that. Me and him fucking like crazy.
I couldn’t get the images out of my mind. I couldn’t get him out of my mind, and my showers became frequent and colder.
It’s true – an idle mind is a devil’s workshop.
The moment my mind was relaxed, the workshop came alive and my fantasies sprouted – me and him in the backseat of his Hummer, me and him in my bathroom when the kids were asleep, me and him in a hotel during the day, me and him in the garage having a quickie.
This longing for him, the need to touch him, taste him, feel him and breathe him was all-consuming and I unhinged and feverish.
Sometimes, I felt like crying, that’s how plagued I was.
I thought of him the first thing in the morning and the last thing at night. If my sleep broke, my mind drifted to him, sleeping a few feet away.
Of course, I suspected he felt the same way. The way his eyes would follow me around, then when our eyes met, he’d shift his away. But sometimes he didn’t, and our gaze locked.
He started to walk around shirtless and touched me at every available opportunity.
But it wasn’t enough for me.
Subconsciously, I went into seduction mode. Maybe even consciously, I don’t know.
My shorts grew shorter, my tops grew tighter and my sheer nightdresses grew sheerer. I tossed my hair, cocked my head, smiled at him from under my lashes, slowly licked a spoon, walked like Cat Woman when I was sure he was looking at my ass, and used my cotton candy voice on him.
Even though I wasn’t sleeping with him, I had Brazilians and wore thongs.
I was ripe for him, I was asking for it and I paraded my wares like a hooker.
That’s what I was.

I just wanted my husband’s brother.


          In book 2 we continue the story of Bridie, Scott and Cody. As we found out in book 1, Bridie is pregnant with Cody’s child, but she leaves him after finding him in bed..naked.. with a family friend, Nichole. Heartbroken and confused she leans on his brother, Scott, for comfort. When Scott asks her to marry him, to give his baby a name, a family… she reluctantly agrees. Not out of spit to get back at Cody, but because she can see that Scott is a caring tender man who will always take care of her. Needless to say… the family and especially Cody… was outraged, even though they chose not to tell Cody about his son.  
          Book 2 starts out about five years later. Bridie has fallen in love with her husband, Scott. They’ve raised Cody’s son, Samuel, as he was Scott’s, and even had a daughter Katie. Life was perfect, Scotts parents even began to come around.. Until Scott was deployed to Iraq… Bridie woke up one morning to find that Scott and his team of Navy SEALS had been captured. Devastated, confused, hurt, scared, she didn’t know how to feel or what to do. It took everything in him for Cody to go visit Bridie. Hearing about his brother’s capture he knew he had to do the right thing and support the family. Even though he hadn’t seen her in five year, she was exactly the same.. perfect.
          Months later, when Scott finally returned home, he wasn’t the same person, he had suffered from severe PTSD. As pacient as Bridie could be, she stayed by the side of her husband, even though old feelings for Cody had crept back into her heart while he was away. She started to notice Scott acting weird late at night, leaving the house at old hours, unknown visitors sneaking quietly into the basement, large sums of money being withdrawn from their bank account, Scotts complete and utter disinterest in her. When she questioned him about it all, he snapped. Fearing for her life, she took the kids and ran… right into the arms of Cody.
          Book 2 had much more suspense than the first in the series. Heart racing, edge of the seat, “don’t talk to me I’m reading” suspense. I flew through this book because there was NO WAY I was putting it down. This is my first Eve Rabi novel and she now has another huge fan! There were a lot of parts in the book that I felt like slapping all of the characters, each for different reason. I found myself thinking “What the hell are you doing!?” and there were even parts where I choked up with tears. This series had so many twists! Loved it!

Enjoy! <3
(I received this book as an ARC for an honest review) 
Meet the Author:

Author Photo Eve Rabi lives in Australia, but she was born in South Africa. She is the author of 20 books and is known for her kick-ass leading ladies, alpha males and no holes-barred love stories. Oh, and let’s not forget about humour, it’s a must in her books. To quote a reviewer: “When you pick up an Eve Rabi book, forget sleep. She writes gripping page turners that will keep you reading till the very end.”
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