Monday, September 23, 2013

REVIEW: Give Me Strength by Kate McCarthy

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Synopsis: Quinn Salisbury doesn’t think she’s cut out for this whole living thing. Even as a young girl she struggled. Just when she thinks she’s found a way to leave her violent past behind her, the only thing that’s kept her going is ripped away, leaving her damaged and heartbroken.

Four years later, she is slowly rebuilding her life and lands a job as an assistant band manager to Jamieson, the hot new Australian act climbing their way to the top of the charts. There she meets Travis Valentine, the charismatic older brother of her boss, Mac.

From his commanding charm to his confidence and passion, Travis is everything Quinn believes is too good for her, and despite her apprehension, she finds their attraction undeniable and intense.

When her past resurfaces, it complicates their relationship. Instead of reaching out for help, Quinn pushes Travis away, until a staggering secret is revealed that leaves her fighting for her very life.

Torn between running and opening her heart to the man determined to have her, can Quinn find the strength within herself to fight for her future?

Review: Quinn Salisbury had learned at a very young age how to survive life. Her mother, Beth, and stepfather, David, were far from being good parents. David turned abusive towards Quinn and her mother did nothing to stop at. He beat her to the point of being hospitalized, which in return landed him in jail for several years. Unfortunately, that did not stop him once he was released. When Quinn took the assistance job with Mac from Jamieson band, her life as she knew it, changed for the better.

Travis Valentine, who we met in the first "Give Me" series, works along side with his brother Jared and friends Coby and Casey specializing in consulting for child custody cases, kidnapping, etc. When he first laid eyes on Quinn, he knew there was something about her that he just couldn't stay away from.

Although Quinn fought the feelings she was getting towards Travis, he never allowed her to run. This was a fabulous continuation of the Jamieson/Valentine series! I loved how the book started towards the middle of the original Give Me Love series, continuing the story through Quinn and Travis' eyes. This is definitely a book where you find yourself laughing out loud and even gasping at the turn of events that unfolds. I feel in love with this crazy group of Aussie's and Kate McCarthy has not let me down with this series and I cannot wait to here Casey and Grace's story next!

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