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Spotlight Tour: Footprints by: Nicky Jayne

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Standing by she watches her father leave board the huge grey beast. Taking him to who knows where. As a young girl, her mother raised her whilst her father was away at war. A single mother of sorts.
She saw familiar faces come and go, Flags wave in the breeze, Engines growl as they shut down. Each time the faces grew less and less.
Tragedy struck, leaving Riley and her mother to fend for themselves. Life was not easy. His memory covered the walls. The flag still hangs proud from the stark white walls.
She vowed she would never fall in love with a military man, she purposely steered clear of their nightly haunts. Until one day,
He came crashing into her life literally. Was it love at first sight, can she overcome the fear that comes with living the military life?
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“He left me. Over and over again, promising he would come home and I waited. We both did and then one day he didn’t come back, instead they brought him back as he lays today and I cannot put myself through that again. You say it is your last time, but what do you mean it’s your last? How do you know? How could you know? I may be young but I am anything but naïve, I know the life. I’m fully aware of the threats involved with what you do. There will be a day that you are called away from me again, and that may be the last time. Do you understand? Do you really understand that I cannot let someone who I love walk away from me again and never return.”

Footprints is a heartbreakingly beautiful story.  From the prologue to the epilogue it was filled with so much emotion.  

Riley is a young woman who has experienced loss that many of us cannot imagine.  Left broken she does her best to move on with life.  She vows to stay as far away from the same th emen that live the same lifestyle as her father had.  Riley knows she culd never survive if history repeated itself.

Unfortunately, fate has other plans. Tanner comes into her life with a thud and Riley cannot deny the instant attraction.  Denying it with all her might, Riley is powerless to stop the connection she feels with Tanner.

When Tanner arrived home to visit his family the last thing on his mind was finding love.  He doesn't have time for that sort of thing.  How can he make a commitment to someone when he never knows when he may have to leave again?  All this changes when he lays eyes on Riley.  Suddenly the world shifts under his feet and he has something worth fighting for.

I liked Footprints.  Did I think Riley and Tanner's relationship progressed very quickly?  Yes.  But it had to.  Their connection was so strong that once it was sparked there was no stopping it.

I recommend picking up a copy of Footprints today.

Happy reading!!
Meet Nicky
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Nicky Jayne was born and raised in England but now resides in Las Vegas with her Husband and two boys. When she is not writing, she has her nose firmly placed in a book. She released her first series in September 2013. The Embrace Series, Embracing Life and Embracing Love. You can visit her at
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