Thursday, December 12, 2013

Review: Atonement (Attainment Series) by J.H. Cardwell

Reese Stanford is off to college at Wake Forest with her loving boyfriend, Tate Justice...or is she? When trust issues arise regarding Tate's behavior, she turns to none other than her beautiful past - the beach god, John Rider who is conveniently available and still waiting. Will it be enough drama for John to finally have her forever, or will other shocking revelations and dark discoveries keep Reese from becoming his life-long dream? Will Tate ever be able to win her love back? Betrayal, anger, lust, and love fuel the future of Reese causing unexpected twists and turns on her long-awaited road to happiness. Will undying love conquer after all? Can Reese remain true to herself? Find out what surprises lay ahead in the much anticipated sequel, Atonement. Be prepared to stay up late in the night, unable to put this one down! 

I received this book as an ARC from the author for an honest review. This is book 2 of the Attainment series. If you have not read book 1, please do not continue as there may be spoilers.

Atonement picks up immediately where Attainment left off. Reese is still struggling with loosing Carter, finding out her truth of her rape, and being torn between John and Tate. John turns into a full blown stalker in my eyes… so many times throughout the book I wanted to hit him.  I know there was an instant connection with the two of them but you cannot feel that deeply, that quickly!

          So many things go wrong with Reese and Tate’s relationship. Between her hidden feelings for John, Tate’s jealousy, finding out her best friend Elle has been secretly updating John on her relationship status… which adds to his "stalker" status.. Ugh she has Tate, a caring loving guy.. what are you doing?!

          I found myself more aggravated with John and Reese in this book. Reese needs to make up her mind and chose which man she wants to be with, stop stringing them both along. At the same time, I wanted to yell and hit John! Just back off man, she doesn’t love you like that! She has a man!

The plot thickens with this group of crazies kids. More heartbreak, marriage, kids, kidnapping, betrayal.. the list goes on. So much happens that you can’t do anything but sit down and finish in one shot. I had a little trouble rating the series as a whole, I did enjoy Atonement a little bit more but I have a tendency to do that with series. I’m very glad I had the chance to read both parts and cannot wait to read the third installment, Chloe.

Enjoy <3

I have spent years in the medical field; the first few as a Cardiac Specialty Nurse, and over the last decade as a Pharmaceutical and Medical Sales Representative. I have gathered mounds of experience both personally and professionally to pour into my long-time passion…writing. After years of power points in the corporate world, I am enjoying working on stories in romance fiction with my first novel, Attainment, and the newly released sequel, Atonement. I live in a small town in NC with my husband and four children. While continuing to work in sales, I am also exploring my writing late at night and in the wee hours of the morning when my children are tucked safely in bed.

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