Thursday, December 12, 2013

REVIEW: All He Needs by: C.C. Gibbs

Synopsis: Kate Hart and Dominic Knight's volatile love affair continues in the next book from C.C. Gibbs.

Reviews:  (I received this novel from for an honest review.)

     In All He Wants the author introduced us to Dominick and Kate.  Two headstrong  individulas that when brought together would ligth theworld on fire with the sparks of lust.  These together are combustable.  But their lust quickly turned into something else even though neither was ready to admit it.

     Kate and Dominick are back in  All He Needs.  Having spent time apart both have been miserable.  Making it through each day is difficult, but the nights are worse.  The night brings darkenss and the darkness brings the loneliness.  Determined to move on Kate takes a new job that once again lands her in a foreign country.  Kate assumes Dominick has moved on .  Figuring he has found comfort with endless woman that through themselves at his feet.  Little does she know this is the furthest from the truth.

     A series of events quickly has Dominick and Kate reunited.  The air crackles.  Sparks fly.  The skies rain fire.  The raw lustful passion these two characters have for one another is mind boggling.  But it is not too long before Kate finds herself back at a crossroad.  Can she be happy with what Dominick offers even if it is less than what she wants?  Or must she once again dchoose self preservation over selfish love?

     The author surprised me a little with this one.  There were a few twists in the plot I wasn't expecting, or at least hadn't anticipated happening so soon.  Once again, if you loved Fifty Shades of Grey you will love this trilogy.  Christian and Dominick habe many similarities, but All He Wants and All He Needs are unique enough that the reader will not be bored.  Great job!  I can't wait to read the final book!

Happy reading!!

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