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Blog Tour Review: Miss Taken by Cleo Scornavacca

Title: Mis Taken
Author: Cleo Scornavacca
Genre: New Adult Romance
Release Date: September 30, 2013


Love........................The Ultimate Loss of Control
Rain and Raven Medici are identical twins. Although they come from a loving close-knit family their childhoods couldn’t have been more different. Raven went to school and was exposed freely to the outside world. Rain on the other hand was born with a blood disorder and denied many normal childhood experiences. 
Once grown, Raven becomes a lawyer at their dad’s firm Kane & Medici in NYC. Rain along with her only childhood friend Tommy Conte, builds a very successful business as professional photographers. Traveling between Europe and Manhattan, and enjoying a world that was kept from her, Rain vows never to be controlled again.
Dominick Kane is a product of his upbringing. He’s powerful, self-assured and knows he can achieve anything he desires. Nothing gets in his way. There is only one thing he has ever failed at. A relationship with his father Vincent Kane. Upon his father’s death, Dominick vows revenge. The events he sets in motion put him on a collision course he himself will be unable to control.
In a bizarre twist of fate, Dominick kidnaps Raven as part of his plan for revenge. Only to discover afterward, he has taken Rain by mistake. Rain knows she can never survive being confined again. So she strikes a bargain with the devil and agrees to help Dominick get back what he feels rightly belongs to him. His father’s share of Kane & Medici.
Dominick decides to use the strong attraction growing between Rain and himself to control her in every way imaginable. Too bad no one ever taught Dominick you can’t control the heart. Nothing could have prepared him for the effect Rain would have on his. Will this plan of revenge turn into unconditional love? Or will Dominick and Rain’s need for control ultimately destroy them and any possibly chance for a real future together.......

(I received this book from the author for an honest review.)

Wow, I read a dozen books per month and while I can always find elements in each that I like, not all that my breath away. Miss Taken was one of those special few that left me breathless. This novel is a pinch of Crow's Row and a dash of Tears of Tess and a whole truckload of amazing.

Miss Taken us the story of Rain ans Dominick. Rain has spent her youth under lock and key while her twin sister, Raven, was allowed a normal childhood. Now an adult trying to live a normal life she has a small network of family and friends surrounding her. With her best friend Tommy by her side Rain tries to live a lif of no regrets.

One fateful day life as Rain knows it changes. Suddenly she finds herdel caught in a web of fear, decite and at the mercy of Dominick. Determined to protect her family she goes along with Dominck's plans. But can she stick to the agreement? Is she strong enough to protect those she loves or will she find there is more to Dominick than the monster he portrays?

This novel wowed me from start to finish. I read it in one sitting because I had to know what would happen next. Like Rain I became drawn to Dominick and began to see there was more to him than met the eye. The author did a great job developing each character so the I fell in love and was routing for each one. I look forward to the sequel. I need to know what happens next!!

Happy Reading!!


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As far back as I can remember, I have loved books. I love reading them and I have finally admitted to myself that I love to write them. Miss Taken is my debut novel as an Indie Writer of Adult Romance. It's the first book in the series. 
My career before writing started in apothecary pharmacy. Working alongside the pharmacist, I enjoyed being around the customers and assisted in making compounded skincare products. Once the pharmacy was sadly sold, I worked as a make-up artist for brands such as Princess Marcella Borghese, Bobbi Brown and MAC Cosmetics. Being around different people and the work I did was never boring, yet something was always missing. Although I am still working, I decided it was time to make writing more than just a dream but a reality.
Then finally one day after Hurricane Sandy hit the shores of NJ, I read an interview about longtime friend and fellow author Joseph Grant. It really hit home for me. So after talking with Joe and my mom, I jumped into the world of writing and recently self-published Miss Taken, so my works would be more than for "my eyes only." 
Since the day I started to write Rain and Dominick's story, I have never looked back, nor have I regretted one single moment of it.
When I write, much of the time the story plays in my head as a movie and sometimes even includes background music, we can all use a little background music. 
I try to add elements of things I love and share them with the readers. I will continue to create characters and stories that you can laugh, cry, love, hate and even become slightly crazy about. 
Let's face it, we can all use some crazy to escape real life.

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