Saturday, August 10, 2013

Saturday Shenanigans

     I don't know about you, but I am glad it is finally the weekend.  Phew, I am exhausted.  I spent one too many nights up into the wee hours finishing some very amazing books.  The bags under my eyes were well worth it.

     I started the week off by reading Picking Up the Pieces by Jessica Prince.  Gah!  What an amazing story.  I can't wait to share my review during her blog tour in a few weeks.  If you haven't read it yet I suggest you get a move on.  You won't be sorry.

     During the middle of the week I decided to mix it up a little by switching genres with two great paranormal novels Shattered Promises and Fractured Souls by Jessica Sorensen.  Spending a few days with Gemma and Alex was great.  Delving into the world of the supernatural is always fun and Sorensen novels are always a little gut wrenching.  Both were amazing reads.

     I am finishing off the week with If You Leave by Courtney Cole.  I am half way through and am loving it.  If you liked the story of Mila and Pax in If You Stay you will fall in love with Madison and Gabriel.  I cannot wait to write my review for this one.  Stay tuned.

     Adding this week's books to my read list has brought my total to 124 books this year!!  Sweet baby Jesus.  I am in awe of myself.  Even to me that sounds like an incredible number, but I assure you it is true.  Mr. Fabulous will vouch for me as well.  He has witnessed me curled up in "my spot" reading four countless hours.   My ultimate goal this year is 200 books.  Can I make it?  We shall see, but I have to tell you I have a really good feeling about it.

     So what great stories will round out the end of the year?  I am working through some amazing ARC's for upcoming blog tours.  BLOG TOURS! I am so excited.  If you have any recommendations of great books I should have on my to be read list I am all ears.  Let me hear your suggestions.

    I hope your week was filled with some spectacular reading.

Happy reading!!


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