Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Review: Falling Into Infinity by: Layne Harper

Falling Into Infinity (Infinity Series)
By:  Layne Harper

Synopsis:  Pre-med student Caroline “Charlie” Collins, a sophomore at Texas A&M, knows exactly what she wants in life and the order that it will happen: finish college, complete medical school, and then fall in love. A chance meeting with A&M’s star quarterback Colin McKinney changes everything. A friendship between the two grows over time and blossoms into a powerful love affair. Charlie and Colin must learn to cope with his transition to playing professional football, the crushing attention of the media, and constant demands of his fans. At the same time, she’s struggling with how her dream of attending medical school will fit into their already stressed relationship and Colin’s new life. Falling Into Infinity asks the question is just loving someone enough to make a relationship work?


Review:  Young love is complicated.  It is the shimmery light that dances on the horizon at sunrise.  Magical. It is a million butterflies fluttering vigorously deep in your stomach.  It is messy.  Consuming.  It's brutal.  It plays against your every insecurity.  It strums every string of jealousy that lays beneath the surface.  It is difficult to love someone wholeheartedly when you have yet to learn how to love yourself.  Trusting another with your heart when you have yet to learn to trust yourself.  Holding on to your first love is not easy.  It takes commitment, even when you don't fully understand the definition.  It means sacrificing some of your dreams in order to support your partner's.  Weaving to separate life paths into one is hard work and is never easy.

     Charlie (Caroline) Collins is a young woman with a plan; graduate from Texas A&M, go to medical school, and join her father's practice.  Then after she is professionally secure she will pursue love.  That was the plan anyways, until she meets Colin.fucking.McKinney.  Colin limps his way into her life and her heart.  What starts off as a friendship develops into more.  So much more.  Charlie begins to question her plans.  Wondering how she fits into the path Colin is on and if she is willing to give up he dreams to support his.

     Colin McKinney is the star quarterback at Texas A&M on the fast track to the NFL.  His path has him playing professional football, getting married, living in a mcmansion with 2.5 kids.  It's all he has ever wanted After spending time with Charlie he knows, without a shadow of a doubt, he wants all of that with her.  Colin has never met anyone at competitive or challenging as Charlie.  He is love for her consumes him.  Charlie keeps him grounded and focused.  But is he willing to ask her to change the path she is on in order to follow his?

     I felt for Charlie.  She is just a girl who fell in love with a boy.  A boy she wants to spend the rest of her life with.  A boy with amazing dreams and goals.  A boy that loves her as passionately as she loved him.  She knew that should be enough, but it wasn't.  It was agonizing to watch her have to make tough decisions that would effect both of their lives forever.

     I loved Colin.  The big strong jock.  A guy that doesn't fit the stereotypical model of star athlete.  He is genuine and caring.  He isn't cocky.  Beneath the bulging biceps and ripped abs he is a big softy.  I would have liked nothing more than to console him. ;)

     The author did a wonderful job making me fall in love with the characters.  I enjoyed both so much I couldn't pick a side.  I was rooting for both simultaneously, which made the plot that much more agonizing.  I became emotionally invested in each one.  I was very glad to see how the characters turned out in the end and cannot wait to see what happens in From Now Until Infinity.

Happy Reading!!

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