Friday, July 5, 2013

Review: The Mourning After by: Adriane Leigh

The Mourning After
By: Adriane Leigh

Synopsis: Haunted by a painful past, Georgia Montgomery escapes the memories by buying a beach house on the North Carolina coast. She hopes a summer filled with sun, sand, margaritas and best friends will heal her, but when an unexpected visitor shows up, her past, present and future collide.

Georgia is instantly drawn to Tristan Howell, the bronze-skinned, golden-haired stranger with an easy smile and eyes the deepest shade of green she's ever seen. She tries to deny the depth of her feelings for him, but just like an addiction- one look, one touch, one taste is never enough. With Tristan she loses control of the lonely world she's constructed for herself and learns that moving forward isn't possible while she's still chained to the events of her past.

Before the summer is over friendships will be tested, hearts shattered and lives changed, and waiting for Georgia to find herself may destroy them all.

     Sweet, that is the best adjective to describe the story of Georgia and Tristan. 
     As mentioned in the blurb, The Mourning After is the story of Georgia Montgomery and what she anticipates to be a fun summer at her newly acquired beach home, but life can never be that simple. Soon Georgia's past and present collide with her future setting the stage for a heavy dose of drama and angst.
     This story has many great elements. First, a damaged soul lost in this world desperately trying to cling to a normal life. Second, an amazingly sexy man with a sly smile and well defined ads who also has a kind heart and sensitive spirit. Third, there is the supporting cast there to offer a shoulder to cry on or a healthy helping of comic relief. All of these elements are wrapped neatly and set on one of the best stages a novel could ask for, the Carolina coast. I love novels set on the shores of North Carolina. Perhaps Georgia isn't the only one who has read one too many Nicholas Sparks novels. ;)

    I thought the author did a wonderful job building the characters and story line. I enjoyed the little glimpses and breadcrumbs she left along the way to help the reader piece together the tragic events of Georgia's past. My heart broke as she was forced to make tough decisions, but she wasn't always the recipient of my sorrow. 

     I look forward to seeing that the future holds for the characters, but I am also anxious to see what else the author may come up with. Great job!

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