Saturday, October 5, 2013

REVIEW: A Window to Love by Fifi Flowers

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Synopsis: Melissa Bennette, a young beautiful woman who has tragically lost her parents in a devastating plane crash, is set to spend another Christmas holiday alone until one night as she gazes into the dressed up holiday windows of New York City and her path crosses with the gorgeous man of her dreams.

Evan Duke is the world's top male model, dreamed about and wanted by women everywhere, but he only has eyes for her.

This erotic tale of twists, turns and surprises stretches from twinkling lights of New York to the sun drenched beaches of Santa Monica to the art world of Paris. With each destination, the layers of their lives and closely held secrets fall away as a beautiful love grows out of the weeds of self doubt and heartbreak.

This book contains sexually explicit material and is intended for adult readers only.

Melissa Bennette lost her parents horrifically, the day after Christmas, and she has spent the last 6 year just surviving. After leaving a company Christmas party, she decides to stroll along New York City, and stumbles upon the unexpected.
Evan Duke is a successful, hot, young model, who know the first time he laid eyes on Melissa, she had to be his. Evan persuaded Melissa and their tale began that night.
Although their story moved rather quickly throughout the book, there was no shortage of erotic twists and turns. Evan does everything he can possibly think of to surprise Melissa, any chance he can, and make sure that she knows this is not a one night stand by any means.
Being Fifi Flowers first novel I give her huge props for getting Evan and Melissa’s story into the hands of readers. There was an enormous about of detail jumping off the pages throughout this entire book and I found myself reading it at record speed. Fantastic job Fifi!! Can’t wait to see what is next!!

About the Author:
“Art is an experience that transcends all cultural boundaries... it makes us feel!” Fifi Flowers

Fifi Flowers is an internationally known artist who paints her daydream city of Paris, adding her special flair of whimsy and fun to the iconic images of Paris. Beautiful things that surround her daily life are what inspire her to paint. Setting a mood... playing with colour... experimenting with patterns and textures... painting on canvas or archival paper.

Fifi has taken her love of Paris and romance to the pages of her first novel, A Window To Love, due out on August 11th, 2013. Fifi's love of writing began at a very young age, and finally, during the Fall of 2012, she sat down, and instead of putting paint to paper, put her pen to paper and began her first novel. A Window To Love is the first in her series of eight romance novels.

Fifi has a bachelor's degree in Art and a minor in Art History from California Polytechnic University. She also attended UCLA Film School for Production Design.

Fifi resides in the Los Angeles area of California… but part of her heart resides in Paris, France.

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