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REVIEW: The Grace in Darkness by: Melissa Andrea

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Every part of me yearns for Ryland and there hasn’t been a day that’s gone by that I don’t question if I made the right decision. Adjusting is something I should be used to by now but how can I do that when life has other plans?

When darkness consumes you, only true light can free you

Remembering how I existed before Araya came into my life and turned everything upside down has been the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. I can’t stand to be round anyone and the feeling is mutual. But I’m ready to take back what’s mine. I’m ready to be whole again. But every decision has a choice and every choice has a consequence.

To find the grace in darkness, you must
Dare to be BRAVE
Dare to be STRONG
Dare to be ALIVE
          I have to start off by saying that if you have not read The Edge of Darkness, please stop reading this review, as it may have spoilers to the first book.

          With that said... O...M...G... I absolutely LOVE this book. This is one that I will go back and read again! I am already recommending it to everyone I know! Unbelievable! This was a fantastic sequel, I couldn't find a single negative thing about it!!! Melissa Andrea did an absolutely wonderful job portraying the love and even some heartbreak through this novel. Love, Love, Love it!!  I'm going to try very hard not to let any spoilers slip by, but I'm sending out the warning now that I may not be able to do it!! Again, if you have not read The Edge of Darkness, turn back now!

          We start off this sequel exactly where we left off. I love that! Right off the first page we feel the anguish that Ryland is feeling having to walk away from Araya. Thinking that she is finally happy and not wanting to ruin anything for her, he sacrifices everything for her.

          Araya, who was in a horrible car accident four years ago, and is now mostly blind. Finds herself through dancing again. After J.D. offered to pay for her scholarship at  a prestige dancing school for the blind, she is learning that she can survive on her own. Except her heart has been shattered into a million pieces... Thinking that Ryland is never going to come back for her, that he's moved on, she tried to find it in herself to do the same. Only problem is... she doesn't really want to loose hope.

          Ryland has started working for his father, J.D., not that he really had a chance. He takes his heartache out on everyone in his life, turning into a bitter and hateful person. He has even started joining his brother, Sebastian, at the Underground, an illegal fighting club, just to have an outlet for his anger.  Until his father forces him into a charity benefit, and is stunned to find Araya there...

          As Ryland and Araya's relationship reconnects, the love for each other is unbreakable. They are faced with the ever challenging J.D. and his refusal for them to be together, doing everything in his great power to keep them apart. But how far will he go?

          This was an absolutely great ending to the story of Ryland and Araya. The ending left me with goose bumps and watery eyes.  I couldn't have imagined a better story for these two characters. The struggles that they face as an every day occurrence and the strength that they have to move on is inspiring. Since Ryland came into her life, Araya was determined to prove that her disability would not break her.

          This story has left me with an unbelievable book hang over, and I know I will be talking about this one for weeks to come. I HIGHLY recommend this series!!! 5 STARS!!!!

Melissa started reading in high school when she found her mom's romance book collection and has been hooked on books every since. She became a complete book-a-holic, starting her own collection and improving her reading skills. Most of the time she could finish a book walking around the store, while her mom shopped.

She wrote her first short story in high school for a competition in her writing class. It was a child's book called 'Arnold' - it was about an ant who believed he could do anything. Oh by the way, she won!

She has written many stories since then, but this will be her first YA paranormal/fantasy and the first book she will have published.

She lived in Mesa, Arizona with her husband of six years, and her 3 beautiful daughters. They are her biggest fans and they inspire her everyday. She enjoys spending time with her family, weekend dates with her mom & taking vacations. Hawaii anyone??

https://www.goodreads.com/melissandrea  https://www.facebook.com/m.andrea.author  @melissa_andrea

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