Monday, March 24, 2014

March FAN Madness: How He Really Feels by Lisa Suzanne

Julianne Becker is desperately in love with her boss, Nick Matthews. She has daydreamed about him since the day she first met him a year earlier, but she is firmly stuck in the friend-zone until New Year’s Eve, when the game completely changes and she finds out how Nick really feels about her. They embark on a sexy affair that’s everything Julianne ever dreamed of... except she can’t tell anyone about it. What will happen if anyone finds out about their secret relationship? And how will her lifelong best friend, Travis Miller, react when Julianne begins a relationship with someone who isn’t him? 

How He Really Feels is a novel that explores relationships and love between coworkers and friends. It contains some adult situations and is intended for mature readers.

Julianne Becker is head over heels in love. Only problem.. He is her new boss. When she first sees Nick Matthews in the conference room at her office, the instant sparks hit her light a bolt of lightening. For over a year she hid her crush about him, only confiding in her best friend Travis and 2 office girlfriends.

Until the day when Nick finally makes a move and confesses his feelings about her. Admitting that he has done everything possible to make excuses everyday as to why they needed to complete projects together, or take an office lunch. The only thing stopping him for months was the interoffice relationship clause that he has signed upon accepting his position.

Not being able to stay away from each other any longer, they began their secret relationship. Jules again confided in her best friend Trav, although he began to withdraw from her, acting strange when she professed her love for Nick…  When their relationship leaks to Nicks boss, all hell breaks loose between them, their jobs, their friendships… 

I absolutely LOVE this novel. I was immediately drawn into the story line, the characters, the love for each other. Lisa Suzanne reaches the readers in a way that makes you unable to put the book down until it is finished. Love this series!!

*This novel was gifted to me in exchange for an honest review**

Lisa Suzanne is a high school English teacher who lives at home in Arizona with her amazing husband and adorable yellow lab. She loves summer more than her students do. She has loved to write for as long as she can remember.

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