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March FAN Madness: Guardian by Sara Mack

By: Sara Mack

Synopsis:  True love never dies.
Emma Donohue begs to differ.

When a late night accident claims the love of her life, Emma secludes herself in memories of James. In his sandy brown hair and clear blue eyes. In their innocent first kiss and declarations of love. In their plans for a life together after college. But happy dreams can’t rid her of the guilt she carries. She can’t erase her actions the night he died. She can’t erase her reaction at his funeral. And she can’t erase the hollow void that fills her chest and consumes her heart.

The first time Emma hears James’ voice, she’s astounded. It sounds as if he’s standing right beside her, and she fears her shattered heart is trying to drive her mad. But, as she continues to hear the voice, she finds comfort in it. With the help of her best friend Shel and handsome newcomer Dane, she tries to move forward and start living again.

Until the voice in her head turns out to be more. So much more.

You know what they say.
True love never dies.

Guardian is a new adult/college paranormal romance containing moderate language/mild innuendo.
Guardian is the first story in The Guardian Trilogy. The second novel, Allegiant, is complete and due to be published in the fall of 2013.


Review:  The Guardian by Sara Mack was an emotional roller coaster.  Agony.  Despair.  Joy.  Empathy.  Desire.  Guilt.  Love.  So much love.  Love so powerful it transcends everything.  A love so powerful it is spiritual.
     The author begin by introducing us to Emma, a college junior who has just lost the most important person in her life.  The one person who is the binding thread of her past and the one on which her future was planned on, her boyfriend, James.  His death plummets Emma into the depths of depression.  Every waking moment she is consumed by grief.  Drowning in despair.  The nights are worse, however.  This is when her subconscious assaults her with the most precious memories.  Memories that don't provide comfort, but instead further break her already broken heart. 
     How can she move forward with out him?  He was supposed to be hers forever.

"I love you more than you know.  More than the sun.  More than the stars.  More than breathing.  More than life itself.  Until the end of forever.

      Lost in a haze of depression Emma begins to hear James's voice.  It is as if he is really there.  It is impossible.  She must be losing her mind.  With the help if her best friend, Shel, she tries desperately to move forward with her life.  If not for her sake, but for those around her.  Emma allows Shel to drag her shopping, out to dinner, to friendly cookouts, even to get a job at a local gold course.  Anything that could potentially distract her from the gaping hole in her heart.
     Despite her best intentions Emma still can not stop the pain.  And the constant hallucinations are not helping.  Until... until they are no longer figments of her greif striken imagination, but become a reality.  James finds his way back to Emma.  His love for her is so strong even death cannot stop him from being with her.  He has bargained for a chance to be able to watch over her.  An opportunity to remain with her forever.  James has become a Guardian.
"I will never love again the way I was able to love you; you will be it for me."

     I was sobbing when Emma could finally see James.  Love conquers all and such.  "Unchained Melody" by The Righteous Brothers played in my mind.  I wanted Emma to be happy.  I wanted James to swoop in and mend her heart, but it isn't that simple. It never is.
     Though Emma has James to see in the evening her days are often spent working at the gold course with Dane.  Dane is a gorgeous, well to do, son of the club owner.  He is kind and sweet and recognizes that Emma needs a shoulder to cry on.
     What starts as a friendship blossoms into more.  Emma struggles with her commitment to James.  Spending the rest of her days waiting until they can be together again or move forward, leaving her past and James behind.
     I was torn by the end.  The author had me so emotionally invested with each character that I was conflicted on what I wanted Emma to do.  Unsure on who's heart I could bear to see broken.  However, in the end the choice was no longer Emma's.
     I look forward to reading the next book in this trilogy, as well as anything else this author may do in the future.

Happy reading!!

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