Tuesday, February 4, 2014

'TBR' Tuesday Free to Leave by Jude Conli & Rebecca Raines

Jana never thought she’d be facing forever alone. But after her marriage dies a long, slow death at the hands of monotony, Jana is pushed into building a new life. Being a single mom and homeowner has its challenges but Jana hopes it’s all worth it. Bolstered by her three amazing best friends, The Girls, Jana discovers there’s much more to life than being vanilla. Vowing to never get trapped in a life laced with boredom again, Jana and The Girls delve into a world filled with sex encounters she always hoped she’d experience. With a sense of adventure and humor, Jana answers all the ‘what if’ questions that have been dancing in her head ever since she started reading all those erotika kindle novels. Through sexual exploration, Jana finds you don’t have to be a 20-something and stumble upon a rich, handsome megalomaniac to undergo a sexual awakening and find that life you’ve always been looking for. 

Warning: This erotic romance novel contains adult themes that might set your e-reader on fire including but not limited to: BDSM, lesbian encounters, obscenities, lots of sex to die for and yes, a plot.

Mature audiences only.

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