Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Review: Being Me

Being Me
By:  Lisa Renee Jones      

Synopsis: I arch into him, drinking in his passion, instantly, willingly consumed by all that he is and could be to me. . . .
Sara McMillan is still searching for Rebecca, the mysterious woman whose dark, erotic journal entries both enthralled and frightened her. Tormented by a strong desire to indulge the demands of her new boss while also drawn deeper into her passionate bond with the troubled artist, Chris Merit, Sara must face a past as deeply haunting as Rebecca’s written words. In one man’s arms, Sara will find the      

My Review: 3/5 Stars

     Being Me is the second book in the Inside Out Series, which begins where If I Were You leaves off, with Sara in the creepy storage unit when the lights go out.
Sara continues to understand Chris’s world and has to decide whether or not she is ready to jump into the rabbit hole to be with him.  Chris’s strong alpha personality is tested when be begins to soften towards Sara.  However, everything cannot be pink and fizzy all the time.  Sara learns this all too soon the closer she becomes to Rebecca’s life.
I enjoyed the push and pull of all of the characters.  Sara’s push to remain independent, but the pull she feels to submit to Chris.  Chris’s push to protect Sara, but his pull to hide his dark side.  I enjoyed all of the twists and turns within the story line.  The plot kept me speculating “whodunit?”.  I am still on the edge of me seat, anxiously worried about Ella.
I am eagerly waiting to read the outcome of Sara and Chris’s relationship on Revealing Us.

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