1.)  We will review just about every book we read.  Those reviews are always respectful and as spoiler-free as possible.  We are not looking to rip apart an author's life work.  We appreciate the time and effort it goes in to writing each story.  Our goal is to offer honest feedback and to hopefully encourage another reader to take a look.
     2.)  It is extremely rare that we cannot finish a book because we did not like it.  If this happens we will not write a review or rate it on any other website.  Just because we didn't like the book doesn't mean someone else won't.
     3.)  The review on this blog a normally not rated on an out of five scale.  To us a scale rating is subjective.  The criteria we may use to rank a novel could be completely different from what someone else uses.  A different set of criteria makes it difficult to compare apples to apples.  We will however rate the stories on Goodreads and Amazon.

"To Be Read' Tuesday:
     Each Tuesday we choose 2-6 novels from my 'to be read'.  These novels are selected mostly by random, however, few are chosen based on upcoming blog tours or new releases.  The books selected are posted in no particular order.